Open to Ease

A 12 month container to automate 10 core Ayurvedic habits for life resulting in easeful living, resilience, joy, and adaptability  

This course is for you if you’re experiencing:
  • low energy
  • aches and pain
  • indigestion
  • feeling sluggish
  • overwhelm
  • rigidity
  • exhaustion or lethargy
  • emotional eating
  • reliance on coffee and other stimulants for energy
  • frequent illness or colds
  • stress, anxiety, or moodiness
  • digestive issues
  • bloating
  • feeling uncomfortable in your body
  • skin issues, rashes, eczema, or acne
  • inflammatory issues 
  • joint pain
  • autoimmune issues

And you actually want to experience:  

  • joy
  • feeling strong
  • feeling empowered
  • connection with your purpose
  • feeling invigorated
  • increased zest and vitality
  • consistent energy
  • better sleep
  • a toned, flexible body
  • waking rested, refreshed, clear-headed
  • smooth digestion
  • easy elimination
  • easy movement
  • upbeat, relaxed emotions
  • a more organized household
  • healthy, fast meal preparation
  • less stress, anxiety, or depression
  • aging gracefully
  • healthy cravings
  • more time

You’ve been drawn here for a reason. You’re probably curious about the mind-body connection and actively taking steps towards your own healing journey. This program is rooted in 10 simple transformative yogic habits paired with habit science that will align you with a rhythmic way of living. Living in rhythm with nature takes you to the next level of wellbeing and truly invites ease!

Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga is a holistic approach to health. Ayurveda originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. This ancient wisdom is intended to align us with nature which is our natural thrive state. Ayurveda does not treat a symptom but the root cause so we can truly heal.

If you are out of balance it’s probably because you’ve lived in a way that supports habits and patterns that deteriorate your health. If this cycle continues unchecked we inevitably experience: depression, anxiety, burnout, lack of motivation, self-contempt, and eventually, auto-immune diseases. 

Open to Ease breaks this cycle and alternatively brings health and wellbeing to your body, thoughts, emotions, health, and relationships. This is accomplished through architecting our lives through simple behavioural changes. As humans we have a special ability to dream, have aspirations, passions and a sense of purpose. When you are out of sync with nature, your innate ability to tap into these becomes obstructed. When we sync to the rhythm of nature you reach a new level of optimization towards your true potential.

This course is not about perfection, so open the window and throw that thought outta here!

It’s about small incremental changes that change your life over time. Have you ever tried changing everything all at once only to revert right back to where you were before months, weeks, if not days later? I sure have! This is because it takes around a year to automate habits. More often than not we have lofty goals that unknowingly set ourselves up for failure, are unrealistic within a certain timeframe, and when we let ourselves down we lose confidence in our ability to do so overtime. Throw out perfection, put in curiosity and watch your life open to ease and abundance.

Why do I teach these habits?

I’ve not always lived in a rhythmic fashion, no way. I didn’t grow up with great great coping skills. From adolescence onwards, I found myself coping through dissociation – leaving my body. I also developed various addictions with drugs, alcohol, eating disorders and unhealthy behaviours. Upon reaching what felt like rock bottom I made the decision to choose a better life for myself, to choose love, it has been an incredible journey diving into love. My path has brought me to Vedic Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Psychology, Behavioural Science, Tarot, Reiki and Ayurveda. 

My passion is to help others along this journey to embrace life from self-love. I’m still human, I have days where everything feels like a struggle and I wonder if the storm will ever pass. But the more I plug into loving behaviours, healthy habits, and routines, the quicker they leave. More and more, I have a deep knowing that the storm won’t last forever. I won’t stay there forever and neither will you. 

You have all the answers and ability to ride the wave of wellness. If you are committed to your holistic wellness and want to open to ease, I welcome you to book your free discovery call with me. We’ll have a 45-60m conversation about your goals and your life to see if this course is a good fit for you.

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